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Guttenberg Farmerís Market Rules & Regulations 2005



The Guttenberg Farmerís Market will run on Saturdays from May 28th until September 24th. The market time will be from 8 AM until 12 NOON. The market will be open, rain or shine.


Any permits or licenses that are required by law must be displayed. If you are selling organic produce, you must have an Organic Growerís Certification. Vendors are responsible for filing a sales tax statement, if needed. Contact the Iowa Department of Revenue for more information at 1-800-367-3388. The farmerís market fees are as follows: Daily $2.00 Season: $10.00. All vendors paying the daily fee are to pay BEFORE setting up for market. Spots will be taken on a first come, first serve basis.


Vendors may begin setting up at 7:30. We ask that you would be set up by 8:00 and would be closed by 12:30 except on the day of the River Park Cruisers Car Show and German fest; then vendors may remain open until 3:00. Vendors may close up early, though, on any of the dates. Electricity is provided, if needed. We do ask that you bring your own tables and/or tents, though, because there is often not enough picnic tables for all vendors. Space dimensions: 15í wide to bank of river. If an extra space is needed the vendor must pay for an extra space unless permission is received from the market manager. All trash and debris MUST be picked up before leaving the market.


This year the farmerís market will be moved one block north of the previous location (we have outgrown our old site). The new location is the 400th block and is between the Café Mississippi and the Aquarium. There is also a handicap walkway and boat ramp below our new location. Need directions? From US Hwy. 52:

Turn east onto Schiller St. Follow Schiller St. to River Park Drive. Turn left and drive one block. The farmer's market is to the right between the Aquarium and the Cafe Mississippi.

From County Hwy. X56 (Great River Rd.) :

Great River Rd. becomes Kosciusko St. Turn right onto Third St. after crossing the railroad tracks. Follow Third St. to Hayden St. Then turn left (east) and follow Hayden St. to River Park Drive. Turn right and follow the river to the farmer's market. We have also established a website for the farmerís market. The address is The market also has a fair amount of parking and we ask that after you unload your merchandise you would park your vehicle across the street (to increase customer parking and give a better view of the market). Sorry, selling out of the back of your vehicle will not be allowed. We also ask that vendors would not bring pets such as cats and dogs to sell. Customers may bring a pet as long as it is on a leash. However, animals such as poultry will be allowed to be sold if caged and cleaned up after.



Items allowed to be sold at the Guttenberg Farmerís Market:


Fresh in-season fruits, vegetables, and herbs


Jams and Jellies

Flowers (cut or dried)

Bedding Plants

Dried noodles/pasta


Eggs (must be kept at a temperature below 45 degrees)

Bakery Goods (Breads, Cakes, Doughnuts, Pastries, Buns, Rolls, Cookies, Biscuits, Bars, Cinnamon Rolls, Pies [no meat or cream pies], etc.) All bakery items must be completely wrapped, bagged, or boxed.

Meat, Fish, and Poultry - Please contact the Bureau of Meat & Poultry Inspection at 515-281-5597.


Watkins products or similar

Food must be washed before sale and stored in clean containers/boxes. All food items must remain at least 6Ē off the ground. Objects can be sold in containers pre-packed or by the pound. If using a scale it must be digital or a State of Iowa Certified scale (call manager for list of certified scales).

Items not allowed to be sold at the Guttenberg Farmerís Market:

Synthetic or silk flowers (unless part of a craft)

Raw milk, homemade butter, and ice cream

Soft pies and fillings with eggs as an ingredient

Unpasteurized cider

ďFlea marketĒ items

Pets for sale

All baked goods are to have the following on their label: Name of Product

Name and Address of Vendor



You must have a sales tax permit if you will be selling the following items:

Plants, Dried flowers, Garden seeds, and Crafts (Sales tax in Guttenberg is 7%)






If you have any questions regarding the farmerís market please feel free to call Kari or Brandon at 563-252-3076. You can also e-mail us at

If you would like to become a vendor please fill out the form below:

-------& ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Vendor Form

First Name _______________________ Last Name _____________________________

Business Name: __________________________________________________________

Street Address ___________________________________________________________

City __________________________ State _____ Zip Code _______________________

Phone Number (____) ____-______ E-Mail Address: ____________________________

Website: _______________________________________

Sales Tax Code (if applicable):______________________________

I plan on paying the: __ Seasonal fee __ Daily fee

Items I plan on selling: __ Produce __ Baked Goods __ Crafts __ Flowers __ Plants

__ Meat __ Garden Seeds __ Soaps __ Honey or Syrup __ Other (please specify)

Date I plan on beginning to sell: ______________

Other notes or information: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

*Fees will be collected BEFORE the market starts. If paying the seasonal fee you must pay the first week of selling.

Please mail this completed form to:

Brandon Friedlein

31400 Lower Cedar Rd.

Guttenberg, IA 52052

Beginning date for market: May 28th